Design Philosophy

The History and lineage of 1857

Our general product and design philosophy, our special product quality attributes

1857 is not about fast fashion or extreme fashion or ultra fashion. It is not about creative gimmickry. It is about style tempered by good taste, by aesthetics and common sense. It is about intrinsic product quality and craftsmanship. We imagine, design and create every product to effectively meet a need, functionally and aesthetically. In our design philosophy, Form is led by Function.

Our aim is to provide products of class, taste and enduring value. By definition  1857 is timeless and classic, in style and relevant, always. We believe sustainability is enduring quality and not a hook to hitch on to the fashion band wagon of the day.   

Some Quality and Technical highlights of  the 1857 range

* Strong, natural and supple full-bodied leathers that are drum dyed, retain their original natural grain and have no or a very minimum of pigments and over-coating. 

* Al the hardware in our premium range is specially made from top grade stainless steel. No rusting, no plating to tarnish, no lacquer to flake off. {A few minor metal components are still not 100% in stainless steel, but we are working hard at it.} 

* The inner lining is a heavy duty fabric with an adventure theme design. It is anti-fray coated which makes it very durable and water repellant. Most importantly, it will not fray or part at the seams as is the case with many products in the market. 

* The threads, inner reinforcements, support materials, fillers, are all specially selected to give top performance. 

* All stress-points are additionally reinforced internally.

* Our workmanship and attention to detail is second to none.  

Every 1857 product is made to be a strong and reliable friend for a lifetime and more.