The 1857 range comes to you from the house of LeatherHunte. Our journey started in 1986 with very humble beginnings. A small band of dedicated professionals, we started with 3 work tables and 2 manually pedalled stitching machines. What we lacked in knowledge and experience we made up with passion and "never say die" enthusiasm. We just wanted to make the best leather accessories we could.

Over the years, we now have a fully integrated manufacturing facility, and we have in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of crafting high quality leather accessories.  Collectively, our senior core team of 5  has close to 200 years of leather and leather goods manufacturing experience! In the furnace of international markets, we have forged and honed our skills, offering the highest levels of quality to discerning international buyers. And we continue to learn more every day.
We gradually came to realize that while our passion, our commitment to quality and craftsmanship are undiminished, the market was getting crowded by day with more and more products of passable quality. Increasingly, even large international brands pursue their own agendas, offering only minimum viable products. With the emphasis on market shares, seasonal fashion and image creation, the focus on intrinsic product quality and craftsmanship has diminished tremendously.

Fighting against this strong current of mass production, homogenization and commercial compromises, the spirit of 1857 was born. A spirit of freedom, seeking to achieve the highest standards of excellence and craftsmanship tempered with scientific, engineering techniques.
Using all that we have learnt about leather and leather accessories over 30 years, we bring to you the 1857 range of men's leather accessories: unprecedented quality, excellent styling and extremely durable.

1857 is in its truest sense, the spirit of Freedom and the spirit of Pride: Freedom from mediocrity, Freedom from market banalities, Freedom from shoddy goods and Freedom from poor quality. And Pride in our products, Pride in what our country can achieve, Pride in our craftsman and their traditions. 1857 sets you free to live your life on your terms, with the confidence that your favourite leather bag will always be with you, a reliable and trusted friend, for years.