Our Leathers

Keeping in mind its statement, the shape, structure, likely use and similar factors, an important decision we take early in a bag's conception is the leather it will be made in. Sometimes we choose from our existing leather range, sometimes a leather gets specially made for it and a new range starts!

To help you make a more informed decision, here is a short brief on some of our important leathers and their characteristics.

Cow Vintage.

A natural full grain vegetable tanned leather with a bold body and grain pattern, the Vintage embodies all that a natural looking leather should be. It has a round and mellow feel. The dyed wet leather is treated with special waxes and then directly tumbled in a hot drum. The heat, waxes and the tumbling produce a leather with a very natural grain structure, sheen and full body. The Cow Vintage leather has very minimal top coating on it, giving it a natural semi-transparent sheen.

Cow Sedoso.

This natural, full grain leather has a soft and supple body, and a silky-waxy touch. All Sedoso leathers are through-dyed and have very little top coats on them, maintaining their natural feel and touch. The pebbly grain is achieved through controlled tumbling in barrels and not by embossing a grain pattern, as some others do.

Cow Ralph.

Cow Ralph is a full-grain Vegetable tanned leather with  a slightly firmer body and pebble grained texture. The addition of special oils and waxes in the processing gives the Ralph a darkening and "pull-up" effect. The final leather has a unique colour shading and an authentic, classic look.

Cow Marble Antiq.

Another 1857 specialty, the Cow Marble Antiq is again a rarity in today's world of mechanized production processes. It is a full grain, Vegetable tanned leather that is hand-stained with as many as nine coats of special dyes of different colours and then several fine protective coats. The resulting play of colours and tones make all this effort worthwhile. No two leathers are ever alike and hence every bag is in a class of its own.

Note: The Marble antiq is one of our few leathers where for some colours, through and through dyeing is not technically feasible. Because we give these leathers additional protective coats, you should not face any problems unless the leather gets very, very heavily scuffed and scratched.

Cow Anilo.

A smooth, Vegetable tanned leather with a fine grain and tighter firmer feel, Anilo is finished in the traditional way with special dyes and proteins, the Anilo is ideal for bags with structure and definite silhouettes. The Vegetable tanning and the special waxes we use ensures that with use the bag will develop its own sheen and patina, like many of our other leathers.

Buff Barcelona.

This is a very natural looking vegetable tanned buffalo calf leather processed to bring out the natural grain of the leather and all its variations. After the drum-dyeing, each leather is individually hand-stained with a combination of colours, waxes and oils. This process darkens the top surface of the raised grain, giving a very unique look. With use this leather will also darken and burnish very well with use and age.

Buff Classic.

As its name suggests, the process of the Buff Classic traces its roots back to  some of the oldest traditions and practices of leather processing. The Buff Classic is a robust and very natural looking vegetable tanned buffalo calf leather. As in most of our processes, we try to bring out the natural grain and uniqueness of each leather, rather than suppress it in the name of uniformity. After the drum-dyeing process is complete, each leather is individually treated with a mixture of colours and oils. It is then glazed in a traditional way with a glazing machine mounted with a special flint glass cylinder. After a coat of protein binders, it is glazed again. This traditional glazing process increases the richness of the colours and gives a sheen that few modern methods can match.

Cow Palma.

Made from American or European origin hides, this natural, leather has a supple body, with an inner temper. It is a very pliable leather, but not too soft or fluffy. The Palma leathers are through-dyed and have only light wax coats on them,  maintaining their natural feel and also giving the leather a mild pull up effect. In handling, parts of the leather will darken and lighten, depending on the touch.  

Buff Carlton.

The Buff Carlton is a veg tanned and Drum Dyed Buff Calf Leather with a dull waxy finish on top. It is one of our few leathers where the original grain is flattened to enhance a formal look. As you use the bag, the leather will darken with rubbing and gain a deep rich patina.